Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rev Up Your Life

The Indy 500 has just ran its course(no pun intended), here in Indianapolis. There was great attendance and record setting temperatures. Unfortunately Jim Nabors was not able to attend again due to illness, but all was not lost as they did have a recording of him singing Back Home In Indiana. In the spirit of race season and Summer, I am now proclaiming that this is the time for us all to Rev Up Our Lives, just as the race car drivers rev up their car engines in anticipation of the start of the race, it is now time for us to rev up our minds and get them ready for our success. We must prepare our minds to think outside the box and do things that we are not use to doing; things outside of the norm. We must squash the status quo, and to those things that give us value and satisfaction from our lives. It is time for us to act like Lady Gaga. No not in the literal sense, but take a page from her work plan and life strategy. We must do those things that will allow us to advance ourselves and our careers under our terms. Live your life like Jesus Christ. He didnt submit to the boundaries set by the christian legalist of his time. He reached out to those who were outcasted by the legalist. He showed them that life was so much more than laws, rules and restrictions. He showed them that they could be forgiven and have life abundantly. This is what my latest book A Hand To Hold is about. It shows us that even though we have messed up we can get things right and find peace and contentment. Also, my book is now available in print form through Create Space at So I say to you Rev Up Your Life

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