Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Down Two More To Go

With the Thanksgiving Holiday behind us just this past Thursday, we have officially made it into the Winter Holiday Season!!! Thursday, we reflected on those things that we are thankful for and gave reverence to the people in our lives both past and present that have helped us get to our current states.  We expressed our gratitude for their prayers, constructive criticisms, their time, listening ears, but most importantly for their love.

It is during this time that we realize how important and precious love is.  We know that love is action, and we show our love for others when we spend that extra hour or so just to find that right card or that special gift that will bring a smile to their face.  We show love when we sacrifice our time to take the ones we love to places that bring them joy.  We show love with a kiss or a hug.  We know that we are loved when we receive the same measure of kindness that we have given.

It is amazing how the marketing gurus of this world can evoke us to feel nostalgic of days and times gone by.  They remind us to say " I love you" when we watch one of their commercials, and the music in the background  is a song we danced to at prom, or was a special song we shared with one of our grandparents.

Christmas is coming and New Years is not far behind.  We can let our hearts hardened back after the season is over and await for the marketing gurus to tell us what to feel next.  Or we can keep the spirits of  "thankfulness", "giving", and "love" in our hearts despite the day on the calender and remember that everyday is precious.

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