Monday, November 21, 2011

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Everyone loves a good riddle and this is one that has been floating around since the beginning of time.  Whenever we hear this riddle, our natural response is "To get to the other side"; and that's right huh?  Well what if I told you he crossed the road to change his way of doing things.  Maybe the chicken was stuck in a rut and he needed to find a way out.  He thought and he thought and the only solution that seemed viable to him was to cross the road.  Would that work?  You bet.

Crossing the road would give the chicken a whole new perspective on life.  It would show him a whole new way of doing things.  Everything on the other side of the road would be fresh and unfamiliar to him.  This would cause him to have to think things through differently and find new solutions to his same old dilemmas.

This could work for humans too.  How many times in the course of a day, while sitting in our cubicle cities do we say "Man I hate my job". or "I need to find something else".  Well in order for us to get to the other side, there are some steps we can follow.

-  Accept you have a problem.  Many of us know when something is wrong in our life that we try to make    
   excuses.  We say I got up on the wrong side of the bed.  If that's truly the case, then roll over and get out
   on the other side.

-  Secondly, we must determine what the problem is.  If the problem is that every time you get out of bed on
   the left side you have a terrible day, then the problem is that the left side of  the bed is not a good side for
   you.  If you work for a widget company and you hate widgets, then the problem is that you work for the
   wrong company.

-  Once you have assessed what the problem is, you can then look into finding solutions to the problem.
   If every time, I get out on the left side of the bed, I have a terrible day, then I should try getting out on
   the right side of the bed.

-  Select which solution will work best for you in resolving your problem.
    I don't like widgets, yet I work for a widget company.  I like gizmo's, so I should work for a company
    that makes gizmo's.

-  Next, and this is the hardest part for many of us; you must follow through with achieving your solution.
   This is hard for many of us because although we are miserable in our current situations, we would
   rather remain miserable then to move into a state that is unknown and unfamiliar to us.  We are creatures
   of habit.  We do not like change.

-  Finally move on with your solution, and you should find that you are happier in life and more pleasant
   to be around.

I'm not saying that solving our unhappiness can always be fixed over night.  For instance, if you hate working in a factory and would love to be a Radiologist this is not an instant fix.  Of course you would have to go to school for the necessary training before your change could come.  But in order for your fix to occur, you must take steps to enact your change.

So why did the chicken really cross the road?  I say because he wanted to succeed in life.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. It got me to thinking about me life and what I'm doing. I want a change in my life and you helped me remember I to bring it.

  2. Thanks Dnexter:

    I'm glad to hear my post encouraged you and made you get back on track with bringing about your change.