Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Gonna Follow That Dream

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer.  Next to reading, nothing gave me greater pleasure then to belt out tunes like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, Material Girl by Madonna, or Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson.  I even wrote a few songs myself.  There was Come On Dream Boy and I'm A Killer.  You could say that I did realize my dream. Well at least partially.  I became a singer in my church and school choirs.

Although I  never lived out my dream of becoming a successful singer or recording artist, I believe that my desire to be a singer led me to my bigger dream; becoming a writer.  As I stated, I loved to read.  But what I really loved and enjoyed most about reading; just as I did about being a singer were the lyrics.  The words.  I loved the way certain words like water, or phrases like "Tomorrow is Another Day" would flow from my mouth.  I loved to scour through my mom's Websters Dictionary for the definition of such words as bifurcate or divulge.

Words I discovered created power.  The creators of the words and phrases and books were individuals who would live on forever.  Even if their books hadn't made it to a best sellers list, or won an award; the phrases that they created would remain for eternity.  In this day of modern technology(think internet), where we can access information on any person, place or subject; how much more likely is it that someone perusing the web for a little known quote about love could find a book by Sam U. Ell and use one of his.  Very likely.

I also dreamed of becoming a writer to help those who aren't able to physically escape, get away in their minds.  Reading one of my books would help them imagine and feel as if they had been to the location I wrote about.
I dream of creating words that inspire, move, and motivate; therefore I am a writer.

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