Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

During this time of year I always think about one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost and his poem "Stopping By  Woods On A Snowy Evening. "  I think of days past when we as humans appreciated nature in one of its rawest and prettiest forms.  Snow.  I think about how it wasn't unusual to see open wooded spaces and admire how nature would come down and touch the area, and let us feel and see that there is a higher being.

Now it seems a rarity to find wooded sites that aren't under construction or for sale to the highest bidder; allowing them to put some monstrosity upon the land and call it home.  How I would have liked to have lived in a time where we didn't live on top of one another, but had room to gaze and roam.

I think of Mr. Frost's poem because I love to sit for hours and watch the snow fall; trying to see if I myself can actually distinguish the differences of one snowflake from another.  I never can, but the game allows me to remove myself from the present craziness and remember whats truly important. The beauty of life.

Many don't like and don't appreciate the snow. They reflect on the way it may inhibit their driving and navigating themselves from one destination to another.  I think about the joy it brings.  Children get days off from school to go sledding, make snowmen, snow angels, or have snowball fights.  I think of how it encourages snuggling and that brings warmth.

If you're not familiar with the poem, look it up and read it.  See what thoughts and feelings it conjures up in your mind.

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