Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stick With The Plan

  My husband and I have created a "life plan".  Part of this plan includes me leaving my current position to work part-time for a different company.  Part of our reason for deciding this was because we had found that we were no longer loving the work that we do, but working in order to live.  Many of my friends are asking "why I would want to do a thing like that?"  They want to know don't I like to acquire new and nice things?  Don't we want to be able to enjoy life and take vacations?

  I was second guessing our plan until I read a recent article on the internet.  The article is based around a paper   created by The New Economics Foundation(NEF).  The paper states that advanced countries, such as the US should transition to a 21 hour work week.  They state that we need to reset social and political norms.  It also talks about how so many of us who are caught in the 40 plus hour work week are stick in the controlling wheel of living to work, and working to earn, and earning to consume.  We are so caught up in acquiring things that don't matter or don't define who we are, that we loose sight of what matters most;  Our families, friends, health and enjoyment of life.  When was the last time that many of us were able to really sit down with our families and enjoy a meal, while engaging in conversation; be it thought provoking or trivial?

  Earlier this week I had read another article, about a German woman who had gotten rid of everything she owned, except for the essentials, and began living through the bartering system. She bartered for a place to sleep, food and whatever she needed.   Her kids thought she was crazy, but she insists that her life has been so much better. I'm not talking about going to this extreme, but we need to examine our lives and see what things are in it that are sucking the life out of us!!

My husband is telling me every week "Stick to the Plan."  I can now truly and honestly say that I am sold and committed to "THE PLAN."

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