Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Hand To Hold

Well I have finally released my first book, A Hand to Hold.  It is a novella and can currently be purchased through Amazon.  You can also purchase it by clicking on my link here for the book of  I hope that you check out my book and let me know what you think about it.

I thought that this would be a good time to release A Hand To Hold, with Mother's Day coming up and all. I think that it is the perfect gift for any mother or mom-to-be.

Although my mother is no longer here, I have fond and priceless memories of her that I think aboout often and will cherish forever.

I recall the day my big brother left the nest.  He had recently graduated from college at the time and had taken on a postion with the government at Langley Airforce Base in Virginia.  Of course he had been away from home before. We lived in Cincinnati and he attended college on campus in Dayton..  My mother was use to him being away, but to her him being away in college was only a temporary departure from our house, and besides he always came home on the weekends.

My mother had assumed that once my brother had graduated, he would come back home to Cincinnati, find a job and all would be well.  But when my brother came home after graduating, he was not able to an opportunity that could offer him a career.  He began searching outside of the city and state and was offered the opportunity with Langley. 

My mother began helping my brother prepare for the new phase of his life.  She helped him shop for kitchen items, and ensured that he had all the basic necessities (like a sewing kit). She helped him pack up all his clothing, books, music, and other personal items. He was finally ready for his move.

My mother was fine that day until my brother began saying his goodbyes.  My mother got extremely emotional.  She was not crying because my brother was lacking any of the basic necessities; she had made certain that he had everything he needed to get him started in a new city.  My mother wasnt crying because she feared for his life. She wasnt crying because she had'nt taught him nor trained him to live life as a successful independent young man.  No she cried because she knew that she had done such a good job in raising my brother, her son, that he was able to take on the adventure of a new life in an unknown land (okay he was still in the US, but we had never been anywhere near Virginia).  She cried because she would not be able to see his smile everyday.  She cried because she would not have his little hand to hold anymore.  His hand had now grown into the hand of a young man that was ready to take on the world.  He was confident and self-assured.  He was prepared.

A Hand To Hold is a novel about a woman who just when she thinks she has it all together, life happens.  She finds that we can never totally protect our children from the world and the dangers that it has to offer.

I hope that you will  tell others and that you too will check out my new book A Hand To Hold at:

God Bless

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