Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I trust that all you mothers, and mothers-to-be had a glorious Mother's Day.  I hope that you all received just what you were wishing for.  Here in Indy the weather was great!!

When I think about all the blessed mothers I know I think back to a recent article that I read about Serena Williams.  In the article Serena stated that she was giving up on relationships for a very long time.  The reason being, is that she states that she gives too much of herself and the end result(a failed relationship) is too draining both physically and mentally.  I can say I truly understand where she is coming from, but would also add that she should remember that "You Cant Hurry Love like Phil Collins Sang, and focus less on asking "Where Is Love", sang by Justin Timberlake.

Like officiators over most weddings state: The institution of marriage is not a casual one, and should not be taken lightly.  I think that anyone that finds out  they are not compatitble with someone else after dating them for 6 months or even a year, should count themselves fortunate. They have spared themselves what could be a sloppy and expensive divorce.

Like anyone who is married will tell you, marriage is a job and requires constant work on the part of both parties.

Speaking of jobs I see in the current political arena, the talk has been about jobs creation or lack of jobs created in the steel industry by Romney.  I read the blog of author Jeff Bennington today and in it he discussed how Indie Authors help/can help the economy.  He stated that we help the economy by creating jobs.  We hire artist to design our book covers, contract proof readers, and individuals or small susinesses to design our websites and host them.  After reading his article I felt good.  I was happy when I read and realized that I too could make a difference.  I could help psitively impact our economy.

So in my quest to help our econmy, I have been researching how to improve my writing as well as help drum up more attention for my latest release A Hand To Hold.  I hope that you will purchase a copy or two, and encourage others to do the same.  Remember in helping me you are helping America.

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