Thursday, May 17, 2012


With the end of every year, we often hear preachers, evangelist, newscasters, and entertainment shows look back at the current year and possibly predict what is ahead in the year to come. 

We look at upcoming elections and newcasters make predictions of who the front runners will be and who they think will win.  Entertainment shows and talk shows show us what will be the "in colors" like yellow or pink being the new black.  We look back on those that have passed away. We also hear inspirations or motivational speakers telling us that the new year will be our year of success and growth.  We also often hear this from many evangelist.

Many of us frown our faces and tune anyone out that makes this proclamation over themselves, much less us.  How dare anyone tell us that our present state or condition can or will be improved. Yet we tell our friends and family constantly that something has to change.  We play the lottery in hopes of winning millions.  We go to bingo weekly looking to win the big jackpot, but how dare someone tell us that the new year can bring us success.

I use to think and feel the same way, but with the changing of the guard from 2011 to 2012 something was different.  I was tired of living my life by the rules pre-established for me by society. They had said I need to finish high school and go to college, so I did.  They said I needed to get married and start a family, so I did.  They said I need to stop renting and own my home, so I did.  They said I need to get a job and stay with the company for 30-40 years and then retire. So I did, or at least I tried.

I went from one field to another; from one company to another.  From city to city, but I could not be satisfied clocking in day after day; month after month from 9-5.  I knew that there had to be a better way of working and finding fulfillment, and I was determined to find it.  I pulled out all my old Home Business,Small Business Opportunities, and Entreprenuer magazines, and in the trunk I discovered something else.  There with those magazines were old issues of The Writer and Writers Digest. I also found numerous colored folders with a separate story in each one.  I started to read over them all and something magical began to happen.  In going over each story in every folder I was taken back to what had inspired me to write each individual one.  I recalled the year the story came to me and what my story plot was for each one.

After pulling out the folders I wasnt able to put them back.  I had to finish the ones that were'nt complete or improve the ones that I felt had pretty shaky story plots. And then it happened.  I had rediscovered my passion.  My calling.  I told my husband and surprisingly he encouraged me to follow my passion.

So this year 2012, I've done it!!  I have taken the plunge and have become an indie author.  Not because I had been rejected by publishing houses or editors, but because I was looking for a career that would allow me to be accountable to me.  A career that would allow me to speak my voice.  A career that would allow me to pursue my passion.

So here we are now in the month of May. Coming up to another holiday and the season of indycar and summer. I have just released my first book A Hand To Hold, and am optimistic about its future and what the future hold for me.

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